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Creating a DLL project with MS Visual Basic 2010

I’ve got through several books on how to write DLLs with MS Visual Studio. But, most of those books are actually based on old MS Visual Studio versions. Improvements (?) were made to Visual Studio 2010 (VC10), and the sequence of windows to get through in order to create a DLL project is somehow different from older versions of MS Visual Studio. That may be confusing.

In fact, it is not so complicated. Imagine a textbook describing how to create a simple project using an old Visual Studio version. If you actually use VC10, the corresponding steps you have to follow should be the following ones :

1)       File -> Add -> New project …

2)       Amongst the Installed Templates, select Win32, then Win32 Console Application. Enter the name of your project in the field Name : , and click on OK.

3)       In the Welcome to the Win32 Application Wizard panel click on Next.

4)       In the Application Settings, select DLL as well as Empty project, and click on Finish.

You are done. Now, you will probably add at least two files to the Source Files folder in the Solution Explorer of VC10, that is a *.cpp file as usual and a *.def one. For the latter, the Module Definition File template is to be found amongst the Code templates.